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Whitney is a life-long foodie inspired to put together a product line inspiring seasonal eating, DIY cocktail infusions & supporting small business. Subscribe and follow Whitney and Positive Foodie Vibes to keep up on all things involving local foodies!

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Celebrity Chef, Caterer, Event Curator

I have been working in the food service industry since I was a teenager assisting at my cousin's Soul Food restaurant. I started CIBO Catering & Events in 2016 and began to share my passion for Italian & Soul Food cuisine. CIBO (Chee-bow) is Italian food and slang for foodie.

I participate in farmer's markets across the U.S. all while practicing my craft. In 2018, I expanded my business to Los Angeles and Dallas, and began to incorporate sustainability into my personal choices & food service business.

I will be showcasing not only my fusion food, awesome farmer's markets finds and great food products; But also, places I travel for work and play. Stay tuned for a great adventure!

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