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Seasonal Farm to Fork Food + Products

Welcome to Positive Foodie Vibes, a unique brand of handcrafted drinks and take home created for you to explore your inner foodie. Positive Foodie Vibes has added such value to our lives, and we love having the opportunity to share our passions and flavors with our fellow positive foodies! 

Read On, Reach Out and Enjoy!

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The Reason Behind Positive Foodie Vibes

Positive Foodie Vibes started as a hashtag and blog about food and my adventure as a traveling chef. In 2020, we redirected the idea of Positive Foodie Vibes to a seasonal brand of drinks and take home items that allow the community to bring some awesome vibes to their own kitchen.

We incorporate seasonal food and drinks that are created by local produce and sustainable items

(mason jar + recyclable dine-ware). 

We have an absolute love for food and people. This comes from our devotion to family and creating memories with the community! We are available to ALL who have that same love for food and a great experience. 

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